Geophysical Research Letters publication with Carbon Monitor data


Frédéric Chevallier co-workers used atmospheric CO2 measurements from the OCO-2 sattelite, a global transport model and Carbon Monitor daily emissions to analyze the atmospheric signals of reduced emissions

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Nature Scientific Data - The reference data description paper of Carbon Monitor


Full details and traceability on the methods, data sources and evaluation of the Carbon Monitor system providing daily near real time CO2 emissions

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Nature Communication - Carbon Monitor methods, results and perspectives


Zhu Liu and co-workers present daily near real time CO2 emissions. New insights on country- and sector-level effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on CO2 emissions from January to June. The job is done and the job continues.

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Carbon Monitor highlighted at the IAEA Scientific Forum on Nuclear Energy for Climate


The Forum session on Innovations for Achieving a Clean Energy Transition invited Carbon Monitor to present changes of CO2 emissions and power sector changes during 2020.

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Carbon Monitor Presented at the 4th ICOS Science Conference


Carbon Monitor presented at a session of the 4th ICOS Science Conference on the effect of COVID-19 on CO2 fluxes. Other presentations showed atmospheric concentration changes based on urban flux towers.

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Carbon Monitor : the fourth data release


Carbon Monitor data release up to August 31st, 2020. Lockdown restrictions in many countries have eased and emissions in some countries have returned again at pre-pandemic levels, but remain below average in the U.S., Brazil and India

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Carbon Monitor : the third data release


Carbon Monitor data release with daily emissions up to June 30th, 2020. Lockdown restrictions began to ease in many countries and emission deficits are observed to become smaller compared to the same period in 2019.

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Carbon Monitor : the second data release


Carbon Monitor data release up to May 31st, 2020. Emissions appeared to bounced back to their 2019 levels in China, but remain strongly reduced in India, US, Europe and Brazil

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NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory


Carbon Monitor results on recent and ongoing CO2 emissions changes during the COVID-19 period and their implications for CO2 and pollutant concentrations changes were presented during a session on Local and Regional Sources of Pollution and their Impacts

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New analysis of traffic CO2 emissions in global cities through mid-June


New analysis by Yilong Wang, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows dramatic effects and differences of lockdowns on CO2 emissions from road traffic in global cities, now recovering.

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